Alexander Persky

Professional developer that turns abstract ideas into functional websites and apps

Alexander Persky, a handsome fellow.

About Me

As a professional and freelance web developer, I have been turning abstract ideas into functional websites and apps for over ten years.

I'm currently based in Tempe, AZ, serving as the head of the web department for 5 Fold Marketing. I love to build and am always learning about new tools, languages, and best practices.

When I am not developing I love to spend time with my children, explore the outdoors, and squeeze in some classic video games.

My knowledge and experience

Want the full details of the languages, tools, and concepts I am proficient in or want some more information on my professional background? Download a copy of my resume.

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Some things I have built

I build websites, apps, plugins, and more. While I'd love to share all of the great work I've done, client confidentiality comes first. However, the work presented below should give you a solid grasp of the range of projects I take on in my day to day activities.


I can custom code a design into a fully functional website or simply build upon a pre-existing template.

Apps & Plugins

These are created from a personal drive to solve a specific problem, or simply to practice a new skill.

Get in touch

I am always open to work on something new. Have a project in mind? Let me know about it and let's see how I can help out.